The Other Hand (UK)


“Most days I wish I was a British pound coin instead of an African girl.”


“A powerful piece of art… shocking, exciting and deeply affecting.” - Independent

“Searingly eloquent.” - Daily Mail

“Ambitious and fearless.” - Guardian



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[stextbox float=”true” align=”right” width=”200″ id=”warning” caption=”Titles”]THE OTHER HAND is published in the USA and Canada as LITTLE BEE[/stextbox]

“Most days I wish I was a British pound coin instead of an African girl.” READ THE FIRST CHAPTER OF ‘THE OTHER HAND’

“Little Bee will blow you away” – WASHINGTON POST SEE ALL THE REVIEWS

“There’s one true story in particular that made me determined to write the novel.” READ A Q&A ABOUT WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK

“We must see all scars as beauty. Okay? This will be our secret” GO BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THIS READING GROUP GUIDE AND AUTHOR INTERVIEW

“Where can I learn more about Nigeria, London, and the real world of refugees and asylum seekers?” HOW TO LEARN MORE OR GET INVOLVED


  1. Hi Thank-God – I’m sorry the book has not arrived & will gladly try again. Can you let me have your postal address again please?

  2. Thanks in an uncountable way. I got a call from my classmate when the parcel arrived and I just knew its something from you. I thought I had guessed wrongly on touching the parcel,more than one book.However I was wowed when I found out you sent the three.I AM SPEECHLESS.I see a lasting relationship between us. You will endorse my book when I am done. thanks.but wouldn’t it be better we communicate via email? mine is.You are limitless for making me feel wanted and loved.GOD BLESS

  3. Hi Thankgod – my pleasure – I’m delighted the books arrived safely & I hope you’ll enjoy them.

  4. A amazing book. It was really touching. Thank you for a wonderful read from Greece with love! PS. In Greece the title is Hold me tight… not so successful as the story…

  5. Hi Filia – thank you for your kind words. Hmm, yes, I think I’m with you on the title!

  6. I picked up a copy of ‘Incendiary’ in the holiday cottage we stayed in during February Half Term. It is not the type of book I usually read but I was enthralled from the start. I found it deeply disturbing in places but could not put it down and read it in a day. Half way through I realised that the author (you!) Was male. I was amazed as you have such insight in to female emotions, judgements and thinking. I’ve just finished reading ‘the other hand’ an equally interesting and unique story of relationships. Will be getting a copy of ‘Gold’ asap and have recommended your books to many friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to think about things that I normally don’t.

  7. The most remarkably moving book I have ever read. I felt guilty to smile, let alone laugh out loud, at the humour delivered within the incredible horror delivered in your awesome prose. I wish i had your skill to truly describe the avalanche of sorrow that so often overcame as I read this must read.


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