goldukpbgoldushbGold is a story of human endurance, motherhood and love, and what enables us all in our different ways to achieve the remarkable.                                                                 

Kate and Zoe are friends but also ardent rivals – athletes at the top of their game, fighting to compete in the world’s greatest sporting contest. Each scarred by tragedy, each with a great deal to lose, they must choose between family and glory.

“Superb” – Independent

“Thrilling” – Daily Express

“Inspirational” – The Times

“Magnificent” – Independent on Sunday

“Cleave goes for the gold and brings it home in his thrillingly written and emotionally rewarding novel … From start to finish, this is a truly Olympic-level literary achievement.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)



  1. Read Little Bee this Sunday. Bought book at Indie book store in Putnam, CT USA. Had to walk away from book in first couple chapters same as with Kite Runner. I can cope with adults in trouble but children are another matter. I stayed with the book. Loved it–all of it. The 4 year oldsIknow act and think like Batman. Amazing truths you tell. Will find your other books. Thank you. Keep writing.

  2. Hi Barbara – thank you so much. I’m delighted you liked the book and I hope you’ll enjoy the new one just as much.

  3. Hi Chris,
    This is wonderful news. I can’t wait to read it!

  4. Thanks very much, Dave! Will send you a proof as soon as they’re ready. If you like it, let’s do a special edition…

  5. Hello
    I´m from Brazil. I loved the little Bee´s history. It´s very beautiful!
    Whrite about brazilian´s children too. You will love.

  6. I am excited to read Gold. Just finished Little Bee. What a beautiful creation. Little bee now lives in me. In my own suburb, doing things as small as making coffee in my coffee maker, I hear myself saying, “This is a good trick”. You are an amazing talent fine tuned into the largest dangers of our time but able to find them in the smallest details of the days. And to you Chris, This IS a good trick. I wish you much luck and success, but mostly happiness.

  7. So very happy to hear about Gold.
    I put up an article on our website tonight about The Other Hand I hope it will encourage many others to share the intense enjoyment your book bestowed upon me.
    Thank you for enriching my reading Chris
    Keep up the good work, even if it means turning up at the wrong home once in a while.

  8. Yay, I’ve been looking out for news of your next book and am delighted to read that you’ve finished it. Well done! Thanks for working so hard on it – I hope you get a bit of a break now, eh? I’m already confident that I’m going to fall in love with ‘Gold’ as I have with your other books. Thanks also for your kind words to us (your readers) – that’s very generous.

  9. I am very excited for this next novel. I have read Little Bee more times than I can count and often find myself reflecting upon it, and always recommending it to my friends and family. I loved all of the characters and the play within the different female perspectives. I will definitely be picking it up on the day that it comes out, because I am sure that it will make me think as much as Little Bee and Incendiary have! Thanks for your work.

  10. I am extremely happy that there will be a new book by your hand. The other two novels were brilliant, and I love the sense of humour & (complex) simplicity of your characters. Could you perhaps tell me when the book will be available (in English ofcourse, I don’t mean the translation) in Holland?

  11. Chris,

    Good for you for taking on the Spandau Ballet story. New Wave New Romanticism has been neglected by literature for too long.

    Seriously – congratulations.


  12. Hey there!
    I just finished reading the dutch version of Incendiary. I had to read it for a school purpose but I can tell you that I liked it very very much!
    It was the first book i’ve finished since the Harry Potter series and you’ve made me into reading again.
    I immediatly bought Little Bee but have yet to read it.

    I’m happy your new book is finished! Now go on a well deserved vacation!
    Greets from Belgium

  13. I’m very glad to read, that there is a new book of you!
    I’m looking forward to buying it. Hope it will be translated soon in Dutch!
    Love your way books!

  14. Dear Chris,

    I stumbled upon Little Bee in an airport book store – as soon as it was published and the book moved me so deeply- left me sleepless, feverish and desperately angry. Since then I am a relentless fan, urging all my friends who love reading as much as me that they need to absolutely read the book. Unfortunately being a single mom – looking after [and with the greatest plesaure and greatest privilege] my 14 year old, walking our dog and of course, working has not allowed me to get hold of your other books, the other factor being ‘based temporarily’ in the Netherlands, where English versions of the latest are a rarity. Do keep writing -

  15. Dear Chris

    I am doing nanowrimo (or rather, am trying to do it) and received the message you wrote to all of us foolish writers. Thanks for it; it really helped me keep going. I also was delighted to see who you were, as in the Chris Cleave who has written some of my favourite novels. I am so glad you have written a new one; hopefully it’ll appear on the bookshelves in Cape Town soon. And perhaps you will appear here too?

    Best wishes


  16. Hi Chris, Great news, look forward to reading Gold. Both earlier books were absolutely brilliant. Best Wishes Jaeza

  17. About time and all. I have been waiting so long for this… Can’t wait. Thanks Chris!

  18. Chris,

    Your writing has been unbelievably inspirational and has encouraged me to begin writing my own novel. I am eagerly waiting the release of your newest book – I have thoroughly enjoyed each of your previous ones.

  19. Hi Alexander – thank you for this very kind message. I’m delighted that you’re now writing too! All good wishes for your work.


    THERE ARE TREASURES IN LIFE, I’ve learned that (again), thanks.

  21. İ just finished the incendiary today! it was amazing last year i read “the little bee” too and i both cried at the end of these 2 books. Can’t wait to buy your 3rd book i hope that it was as good as the other ones! God bless your hands and give the energy for non-stop writing. Thanks for the big pleasure of reading novels like this!

  22. Greetings Chris!
    We have alerted Cambridge, Minnesota of your upcoming novel “Gold” and all send you our best! We can’t wait to read your new book.
    Judith Kissner
    Scout & Morgan Books
    Cambridge, Minnesota

  23. Received news this week that the grant I wrote for MORE Little Bees for my classroom has been funded! Woot! And now we have Gold to look forward to?! Fabulous way to start the new year, I must say. Only one thing would make it even more amazing: autographed photo of you for our classroom wall. Just sayin’. Keep on writing, CC. You rock.

  24. Hi Cecilia – I’m very grateful to you for your kind words and for teaching my book in your classroom! Thank you. Where would I send photo / goodies?

  25. Chris,
    I picked up Little Bee as an after thought in an airport book stand. I saw a picture of you on the back cover, and thought to myself, how exactly can a man narrate a woman, much less one that is from a very different race and nationality – but the cover was pretty, and there were endorsements stamped all over, so I thought at worst it couldn’t be too bad. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. I’ve just emerged from your book – it was one of the most beautiful and moving stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of immersing myself in – and in addition raised my level of awareness. Thank you.

    Late to the game,

  26. I’m an independent bookseller in Tampa and I just finished Gold. It’s only January, and I’m pretty certain I’ve found my favorite book this year! Really well done. It’s brilliant and beautiful, and has also got me really looking forward to London 2012 cycling! Thanks very much for the words!

  27. Hi Mandy – thank you very much! I’m delighted you like GOLD.

  28. Hello Ivana – thank you very much – that means a great deal to me!

  29. Hi Chris,
    Little Bee found its way to me via the St. Croix Animal Shelter Flea Market here in the US Virgin Islands. I read it in two days because I couldn’t put it down. Little Bee, Sarah and Batman are going to stay with me for a long while. Thank you for bringing to life such a beautiful story. I look forward to reading Gold and the many other stories waiting patiently inside you.

  30. Hi Chris,
    Just finished reading the proof of Gold – and am proud to say i will be sponsoring your book within our Waterstones Birmingham branch. Really enjoyed the novel – you never seem to let the literary world down. The Other Hand is my all time favourite book – i couldn’t recommend it enough. Hope to see you do a signing in our store soon – i will definitely be promoting the book with the critical acclaim it deserves!

  31. Dear Chris,
    I’m so excited to learn more about GOLD! I’ve loved ALL your work, and furthermore tennis has been a huge part of my life, so I can’t wait.
    I don’t suppose you have any upcoming London appearances in March, do you? I’ll be visiting for a week. If not, I hope you’ll be making some US appearances this summer …
    Can’t wait to read, and then to recommend, your newest work!

  32. Hi Alison, thank you for your kind words – I hope you will enjoy GOLD. Wishing you a great visit to London! I won’t be doing any events that month – I’m doing events in the UK and Canada in June, then US in July, ANZ in August / Sept, then US and Canada again in October. I’ll be posting the events on this site as soon as they’re confirmed, and hope to meet you at one of them! All best – Chris

  33. YES! I have done nothing but rave about you for the last 6 months to anyone who will listen and iv just voted Incendiary best book iv ever read in the world book night survey, so i am SOOOOOO very pleased to hear you have a new book comming out. Wish i could run out and buy a
    copy this weekend…… hurry up June :)

    Thankyou so much for writing such inspiring and frankly raw novels. I only have to think about them and i get shivers and goose bumps. I read a lot, so this really is a big deal to be top of my list. Il keep recommending you.
    Thanx again

  34. I’m 200 pages into Incendiary, and don’t want it to end. It’s so good I want it to be the book I read in and out of work everyday. I now can’t believe it’s been sat on my shelf for so long, not being read, after I read The Other Hand about two years ago and loved that too. I got so excited about there being two more when I came across your website – Little Bee and Gold – and looked forward to dashing out to buy both. Until I read that Little Bee is The Other Hand and Gold isn’t out yet. I was so disappointed. I’d already said to myself as soon as I’d finished Incendiary, I’d go out and get another one of your books. I cannot recommend you enough. I am loving your books. Please never stop writing.

  35. Hi Vicky, I’m so glad you feel that way about my stories. Thank you. If I may return the compliment, I think the job of a reader is just as hard as that of a writer. The characters gain their life in the interaction between the writer’s brain and the reader’s brain. If the characters seem real to you, it’s because you are capable of breathing life into them. Not everyone can do that. As a writer I get excited that I can write for such engaged and creative readers: your kind works mean a lot to me. All good wishes – Chris

  36. I’m 160 pages into Gold, courtesy of amazon vine. Impressed so far. Four very closely observed characters. Narrative almost as fast as the bikes.

  37. Thanks Peter – very glad you’re enjoying the book!

  38. Just pre-ordered my copy of Gold in the US… looking forward to it and will try and attend the reading in San Francisco. Been biking around the Bay Area lots in the last few years, so looking forward to the narrative.
    Sounds like you’re doing great and hope to see you soon!

  39. Hey Pete! Thanks so much – would be great to see you in SF – and maybe go for a ride if you have time? Cheers – Chris

  40. So excited! I picked up Incendiary a few months ago and then made it my goal to let everyone I know what an amazing book it was. Most people I know have read or at the very least heard of Little Bee, so I felt it only right I introduce them to Incendiary as well. I’m starting Little Bee this week. Can’t wait for Gold!

  41. Hi Veronica – thank you very sincerely for your support. I stand or fall by whether people recommend my stories to each other. I hope you’ll enjoy Little Bee and Gold.

  42. Wow. Little Bee! My not so little younger brother still refers to himself as Will C. O. Batman the II. He turned 18 days before I finished the novel & it rocked my world. Little Bee left an everlasting impression and every person dearest to me gets an earful if they have yet to experience this amazing story. I have been checking the shelves for your next work ever since. So looking forward to Gold.

  43. Hi Laura – ha, your brother sounds fun! Glad you liked the book – and thank you very much for recommending it to your friends. I hope you’ll enjoy ‘Gold’.

  44. Belo Horizonte, 16 de junho de 2012.

    Prezado Chris Cleave.

    Eu tive o imenso prazer em ler o seu livro “Pequena Abelha”.
    Muito, muito lindo.
    Você me fez pensar e rever vários valores.
    Obrigado por isso e pelo prazer de uma história tão especial e tão comovente. Adorei e vou comprar exemplares para presentear.
    Sucesso e felicidades para você em toda sua vida. Um abraço. Tania


  45. Prezado Tania, obrigado por seu comentário gentil. Estou feliz que tenha gostado do livro!

  46. Little Bee is an amazing experience for a reader. Your writing is medalworthy… So Gold seems an appropriate title for the next one and in an Olympic year too! On my wishlist and soon to be granted

    Good luck on the cycle challenge

  47. Hi Chris

    I have read your first two books and found them absolutely addictive. I bought little bee last week on ebay only to find that it was the same as the other hand I was so disappointed!!! However I have given it to friend who I am sure will find it as impelling as I did.
    I look forward to the launch of Gold and please write another and another and another very soon.
    I raise my glass to you and to your gift of writing.
    Elsa xx

  48. Loved Gold…tayed up til 3 AM reading and cried twice. Liked it better than Little Bee and was not expecting that!

  49. Chris…I’m reaching the conclusion of GOLD and preparing the review I’ll write for’s VINE program. I haven’t been as moved by a book in some time, if ever (I have three-quarters of a century of reading behind my eyeballs), and I wanted to let you know of my enjoyment. I don’t know what the ending is yet, but I’m sure whatever it is, you will not have screwed it up. You are a real talent.

  50. Chris,
    I picked up Little Bee in the airport while heading out for a vacation. From the very first page I was completely captivated and blown away with your writing style. Absolutely beautiful! As soon as I finished up Little Bee, I knocked out Incendiary in 2 days. I love reading but it is rare that I find an author that so inspires me with his style of writing. Truly incredible writing!! Can’t wait to read GOLD!



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