goldukpbgoldushbGold is a story of human endurance, motherhood and love, and what enables us all in our different ways to achieve the remarkable.                                                                 

Kate and Zoe are friends but also ardent rivals – athletes at the top of their game, fighting to compete in the world’s greatest sporting contest. Each scarred by tragedy, each with a great deal to lose, they must choose between family and glory.

“Superb” – Independent

“Thrilling” – Daily Express

“Inspirational” – The Times

“Magnificent” – Independent on Sunday

“Cleave goes for the gold and brings it home in his thrillingly written and emotionally rewarding novel … From start to finish, this is a truly Olympic-level literary achievement.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)



  1. Chris!

    Gold is very good but comparing it and little bee is like comparing apples and oranges.both have their own flavour and are good for you. I would like to know why the London gold medal ended in the downstairs toilet pull, as there already was one there (the commonwealth games medal).

    During your visit to Helsinki, you told us about a person who had come to Britain as a refugee child, had lived all his life in Britain and was now coming of age and facing deportation back into his “home country”. It would be good to know what became of that intolerable situation and how his life is forming out. If you knew about this.

    Thanks again!Looking forward to your next (aren’t we readers impossibly demanding?)

  2. ı read little bee.thanks for this book.understanding people is so important issue.and knowing a refugee’s life gives us a lot thing about life,about sacrifice.and we can easily understand that everyone has good things by their bad sides.if we solve everyone’s good side ı hope that world will be wonderful.congratulations this author to show like success

  3. thanks a lot such a great books

  4. Hello Chris,
    I translated “Gold” into German and I think it’s a terrific novel. Very visual, I could imagine almost every scene as a movie scene.

  5. Such a great book, couldnt put it down!! Made me laugh, cry and swear out loud on a number of occasions. You can’t help but visualise the characters, i certainly built up a hatred for Zoe, altjhough was turned around by the end.
    So far the reviews have failed to mention much about Kate & Zoe’s coach but he really is an important part of the story and added a touch of humour, could tell he was an Ozzie from the outset!
    Kate is such a lovely character but on occasion i have to say i really wish i could have shaken her, to nice and decent for her own good. Jack and Sophie -what a team, Sophie has a maturity way beyond her years and i was praying things would turn out ok. Now i’m tryin gto visulaise who would play who if a film were made. Also has given be a new found respect for competitive cyclists and what they go through. Amazing.

  6. I just finished Gold. I so enjoy your books. Your writing is lyrical and your characters are so real. Thank you for stories that leave me desperate for your next endeavor.

  7. Your book *GOLD* was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!

    I wrote a review on

    If you ‘ever’ come to the Bay Area —(San Jose/Campbell……etc.) I would love to hear you speak.

    I liked “Little Bee” very much also……(it was great also)

    but *GOLD* was just *GOLDEN*!!! (I could speak for days about this book –the characters —the story —the challenges —the choices —the drive —etc.).
    You had some wonderful —powerful lines in this book about ‘human-beings’ in general —
    What drives us? Our past? or looking into the future? Which is more powerful? –How does one say—
    What ‘is’ important is ‘knowing’ the deeper levels of people (ANYWAY) —-As a coach, a teacher, a boss, a friend, spouse, etc. —-[your book allows people to think & have fun]

    *BIKING* was the PERFECT topic to write about to look at personal suffering -personal happiness, conflicts, jealousy, anger, dysfunction, —-with the ongoing discovery of ‘purpose’ in our lives.

    I was engaged from page one —(then very moved by your ‘Author’s Notes’)

    Thank you!

  8. It was a pleasure having lunch with you at Book Passage Corte Madera. Your commentary was very insightful on you as an author and your books. It makes reading your books even more enjoyable.

    I wanted to let you know that Birthday girl Claire in Shanghai got the World Book Day edition of Little Bee. She was quite surprised with your signed greeting. I really appreciate you doing that for me.

    Now that I’m back from my trip, I look forward to reading Gold.

    I hope to see you again when your next book comes out. In the meantime, happy travels on your book tour.

  9. I find myself telling everyone I can these days about GOLD!

    Considering talking about books is what I do for a living, it takes some doing for one book to capture my attention. I can not commend you enough for every facet of this book. Its story gripped me from the get go, the characters captured me and drew me in and I was sad when the story came to a close.

    As I mentioned in my review ( ) the personal connection you developed with Childhood Cancer is what stirred me the most. I did not think it was possible for someone to write so prolifically about a topic few dare to understand. A million “Thank You’s” as I have faith that you will spark an interest in many to learn more, and that would be an amazing thing!

  10. I absolutely adored Gold, completely different to The Other Hand but just as enjoyable. Maybe I missed it at the end (I have a tendency to read the last chapter of a book too quickly in a rush to finish it) but I’m dying to know how Kate did in the Olympics. Did she even get there? If so, did she win a medal? Was it gold? This is killing me!

  11. I celebrated the London Olympics by reading Gold during the course of the actual games. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of reading a book in the locale where it takes place as a companion to my travel there. I couldn’t make it to the games, but this was the best way I could bring the experience of the book to life for myself……and the read was a good one…by the end it had me pedaling to the finish line just to see how it would all resolve.

  12. I finished Gold recently and absolutely loved it. Thank you for writing such an incredible novel and sharing it with us. Your talent knows no bounds! Best wishes.

  13. Hi Chris. Thanks for gold. I’ve just finished reading it and we will discuss it at our bookclub here in Perth western australia this month. I hate to say it but I relate to some of the obsessive qualities of Zoe. I’ve had times in my life when I’ve been like that. I love the warm and funny switch to Sophie’s perspective. Did you have to do much star wars research or did that all come naturally. I also loved scenes in velodromes and the pure adrenaline of it. Overall it also made me think how we all escape to our own alternate realities to cope: the athletes in training, the coach in coaching and Sophie to star wars. Thanks so much and please keep writing! Regards belinda

  14. Gold is a lovely book and I really enjoyed reading it (Little Bee also)! It makes you reflect on the many layers of humanity and believe we can all reach gold in our life if we have love and have faith. Sincere thanks to Chris and hope there will be many more to come.

  15. Dear Chris…Was introduced to GOLD on the cover of July’s BOOKPAGE at the library. As the Olympics were at hand I decided to read Gold…What a great decision..I was unable to lay the book down due to the intensity of the characters and the rapidity of the story line. I just finished the book minutes ago and have already ordered INCENDIARY. You are a wonderful author and I will follow your works in the times ahead.

    Thanks so much for an emotional journey in which you conveyed the true sacrifices made by the athletes who are motivated during hours of effort for only minutes on the podium

  16. Thank you, Fred!

  17. Thank you, Marie-Andree. I do hope there will be many more stories to come – I certainly still have stories I want to tell, and it means a lot to me that you’ll be looking out for them. Thank you.

  18. Having read “The Other Hand” and then “Incendiary”, I eagerly awaited the release of “Gold”. A brilliant book. He really gets to feel for the characters unlike like any author I have read in the long time. Chris Cleave is my favorite modern day author.

  19. I have just finished blinking back the tears as I finished ‘Gold’. I bought this as I read, raved about and loaned ‘The Other Hand’ to most people I came in contact with! I didn’t hesitate to buy ‘Gold’ after reading who the author was! I have to say the cover to the hardback is absolutely stunning, and I would have picked it up in the bookshop regardless. Chris is a very powerful author in how he is able to bring characters to life and feel as if you really know them. Truly can’t wait for your next book! Many thanks.

  20. Just finished Gold and loved it! I still liked incendiary the most but Gold is another brilliant novel. I enjoyed the gradually tightening tension and the juxtaposition of the parallel stories coming together. I hated Zoe more and more as I got through the book but there is something quite real about her that can be related to athletes.

    I was wondering how come you write from a female perspective with predominantly female characters? You convey their outlooks and grievances so convincingly, better than a lot of women do!

  21. Hi Lucy – thank you for reading ‘Gold’ – I’m glad you liked it. Thanks also for your comments about my female protagonists. I started writing from a female point of view because it was interesting work, and also in order to make sure that I wasn’t writing from my own perspective – which I considered to be a mistake for a novelist. On that point now – as in so many things – I am wondering if my original theory holds water. Perhaps one of the more useful contributions of a novelist is his or her own point of view. Certainly the novel I’m now writing has a voice that is arguably my own. I’m looking forward to seeing how that works out (and I hope you are, too!) Thanks again for your kind words.

  22. Hey Chris.

    I was fortunate enough to have sat next to you when you electrified our night Book Slam last June with your readings from ‘Gold’ and, despite the tantalising Olympian glimpse you afforded us all that night and the incredibly generous and fascinating way you answered our daft Malbec-fuelled probing about your immersive research methods, I am ashamed to say it has taken me until now to actually read the damn book. Well, I rectified that in one sitting last week and *what* an experience it was – I haven’t been moved in that way for such a long time and I am humbled by your story prowess, the exemplary range of voices on show, the exquisite authenticity and humour of the disparate characters’ dialogue and the virtuoso unlocking of the arcane technical aspects of the sport for a lay audience. Plus, as a SW fanboy of many decades, you had me at the Death Star. Thank you so much for and congratulations on a truly magnificent book – I can’t wait to devour the rest of your canon, as it were.


  23. Hi Ilya – I really enjoyed Book Slam & it was an honour to meet you. Thanks for your kind and amazing comment, which has to go down as one of the best ever. You might be the first man to say that about my canon. I enjoy the work & will try to keep it up, as it were.

  24. Dear Chris,
    I just wanted to reach out to you because I absolutely love your books! I first read Little Bee over the summer and it was awesome and touching. A few months later, I accidentally came across Incendiary and LOVED it. It may be my favorite book of all time. Just minutes ago, I finished Gold and was moved to tears. The relationships were so real and complicated and kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed English class in high school, but that’s long-gone, so I’m not able to offer any insightful literary praise, but I truly love your books because they melt my heart and leave me aching for more. When I read your books, I find myself nearly speed reading because I’m enjoying the story so much and want to see what happens next, but then, when I get to the last pages, I try to slow down and savor the remainder, and I ALWAYS read the last page several times because I don’t want your books to end! Thanks so much for your work and I hope there is more to come!

  25. Dear Chris,
    I stumbled across your work entirely by accident. I read the outline of The Other Hand online, was intrigued and ordered it – I have just finished reading Gold – it is 02.22 in the morning – but it was worth it!! I have found both novels to be engrossing and satisfying reads. I look forward to starting Incendiary. It is rare for me to attach myself to a writer’s work like this as I tire of the cliches and trite recycling of ideas novelists often employ. I often just give up entirely disillusioned and frankly bored. However, your work offers a refreshing respite from this. I look forward to your forthcoming novel. I am very glad serendipity led me to your work.
    Best wishes,

  26. Hi Cathering – thank you very much – I’m absolutely delighted by what you said.


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